Community Policing in Europe - General Public

EU H2020 Project "INSPEC2T"
Inspiring Citizens Participation for Enhanced Community Policing Actions


This survey is part of a European Union research project about Community Policing (CP) as part of wider policing activities. Our research tries to investigate the scope of European CP varieties, and in particular, the use of social media in the interaction between police organizations and citizens. In EU member states CP has gained importance, however in varying degrees and under different circumstances.

Community Policing (CP) is a concept of police work that tries to link local police activities to municipality/neighbourhood citizens and communities. The idea behind it is that reactive policing has not been successful in reducing crime and disorder. When community members, social work, public health, schools, the city administration, AND police get together, identify crime and disorder problems, and discuss how to solve them, success, at least on the long run, seems more likely.

The project team includes 18 European partners from research, police agencies, and IT experts. This part is directed to people who use social media. Please choose the answer that applies best to your own situation. Your answers to the survey questions help us to assess the scope and the varieties of Community Policing as part of the security system in the participating countries.

We do appreciate your participation in this research and assure you that the strict ethical rules of Horizon 2020 research will fully apply. Part of that is that confidentiality will be strictly adhered to and that absolute anonymity of respondents will be kept.

In case you require additional information or you have questions about this research, please feel free to contact Joachim Kersten: or Reinhard Kreissl:
There are 31 questions in this survey.